We use MasterCam, Mazacam, and Mazatrol to program our CNC Machining Centers & CNC Lathes

Our Mazak Nexxus VMC 510C-II Maching Cenetr has 40″ x 20″ table travel w/30 tool carousel, and rotary indexer
Our Mazak Nexxus VMC 410A-II Maching Center has 30″ x 15″ table travel w/30 tool carousel

Our Mori Seiki 5080 Machining Center has 40″ x 20″ table w/30 tool carousel

Our Mazak QT-200 CNC Lathe has a 2″ hole thru the spindle and is equipped with a 5C collet attachment,
S-20 collet attachment , 8″ chuck, and LNS bar feeder

Our Mazak Smart Qt-100 CNC Lathe has 2″ hole thru spindle, 6″ chuck 5C & 16C collet attachments and LNS bar feeder